XR Farnham Rewilding Group

Goal: In a world of rapidly declining bio-diversity and bio-abundance and rising carbon dioxide and pollution levels this group aims to help combat these trends in our local communities.


What We Do

We plan to give back to the next generations a bit of what has been stolen away by allowing our natural world to flourish as part of a health giving regenerative revival.

We collate ideas, experiences and expert advice. We share information. We lobby for change. We link up individuals eager to rewild – plant trees and hedgerows, create wildflower areas or a pond. We seek out suitable growing spaces on public or private land. We campaign to let nature prevail, to be guardians of what we have and to regenerate barren spaces. We make connections with the stakeholders. By helping to sow these seeds of change – by taking ownership of our local patches such as a verge or a play area, however urban or small – children can grow up to see and appreciate flowers, insects, animals, birds and trees and live to breathe clean air again.

How Our Group Works

Behind the scenes and via meetings, actions and plans are ongoing. Small achievements done so far: guerrilla seed sowing and tree planting, lobbying against the malpractice of council overzealous grass-cutting in parks and verges and inappropriate pesticide use, challenges to planning departments about applications implicating green spaces and trees, dialogue with town and borough councils and other local groups to share ideas and offer help. Lots more is called for.

If you have an urge to do something, have new ideas of how we evolve, know a place that needs rewilding, can do social media or can muck in and turn your fingers green please join us whoever you are!

Contact us: Noemi or Peppy

WhatsApp group: XR Farnham Rewild Rebels


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