XR Farnham Regen Group

Goal: Our purpose is to foster a philosophy of regenerative culture to help build a resilient community and be effective in the face of climate change challenges by nurturing our wholeness and emotional and physical states in an atmosphere of mutual support, love and understanding.


What We Do

By engendering a culture of regenerative practice, our collective wellbeing and survival skill-set will auger well to help us stay the course and tackle the next and subsequent legs of a hard journey towards a necessary societal transformation for all. This means knowing how best to recharge ourselves, to manage stresses, to trust one another, to share, rest and play, and to arrive at points along our journey and be able to say we made it together.

How Our Group Works

We welcome you to XR Farnham whoever you are and whatever little thing you bring! Whether at meetings, actions or alone, it helps to give time for expression, reflection, stretches, relaxation, breathing, share ideas, hopes and fears. These are just some ways to turn a negative energy into a positive one. We don’t always get this right within a hectic agenda! So aside from meetings we have initiated social gatherings, walks, time with nature and an xrbookworms group. We encourage all of you to take part and to help develop new ways to evolve and bond and have good reasons to smile.

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