XR Farnham Plastics Group

Goal: To reduce the use of single-use plastics that damage the environment


What We Do

We educate people about the problem of single use plastic and what the alternatives are. We work with the manufacturers, retailers and recycling companies to challenge, lobby and protest against single use plastic as well as helping to facilitate solutions that tackle environmental pollution.

How Our Group Works

The group has about 60 members. We conduct protests that are primarily aimed at supermarkets and consumer manufacturing companies where we educate the general public and incentivise suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic used throughout the supply chain.

We also work with local councils and private waste collection businesses to improve recycling and we work with schools and other bodies to help educate them about the problem with plastic waste and what they can do to help reduce it. The group lead is Colin. We aim to meet monthly and provide regular updates by email and Facebook.


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