XR Farnham Outreach
and Education Group

Goal: To reach out to schools, colleges, clubs and societies to explain the Climate Crisis and Extinction Rebellion’s solutions, principles, values and strategy.


What We Do

We educate people about the problem of Climate Crisis and provide a focus for them to act within their organization to combat the worst effects on the environment. We also lead People’s Assembles and trainings in facilitating their own assembles to promote non violent communication and deliberative democracy. This is a key aspect of modelling XR’s third demand of Citizen’s Assembles to decide how to address the issue of climate change.

How Our Group Works

The group has members of all ages and they contact organisations and offers speakers on any subject associated with Global Heating, Pollution, Plastics, Environmental Improvements, Cycling, Rewilding, Recycling and Reusing. Organisations will have a single point of contact with XR and will be encouraged to start schemes and initiatives which promote environmental improvements to their pupils, members and the local community.

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