XR Farnham - Farnborough Airport Group

Goal: To co-ordinate actions against airport expansion and raise awareness of the harmful effects of air travel.


What We Do

We hold actions at airports with placards, leaflets and visual displays. We attend the Farnborough Airport Consultative Committee meetings to influence against the granting of permission for increased flights. Also we liaise with and support other local groups working against airport expansion and lobby the government to reduce carbon emissions caused by aviation.

How Our Group Works

This group is quite small at present and is looking for further members.

One of our aims is to educate local residents about the details of the intended expansion of the airport site and surrounding area. Actions may be planned at Farnborough shopping centres and outside the airfield itself. A further issue of concern is the felling of 90 mature trees to widen the airport approach road; we will be co-ordinating a response with other local groups. Lastly we will be looking at how to influence the government, in particular the new Office of Environmental Protection.


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