XR Farnham ArtsLab Media Group

Goal: We support all Farnham XR Working Groups and the actions and protests that we take part in locally, regionally and nationally, by creating a look for the rebellion that draws attention to the Climate Emergency and emphasises our demands.


What We Do

We try to make messaging that is as sharp as possible but we also enjoy the (regenerative!) traditions of working with our hands and getting them dirty. The odd paint splash and imperfection looks good in a world where everything can seem too shiny. We make new things from old, we share ideas, we share skills, we share paint, we share materials. We don’t need new as we mostly have what we need. We aim to use ecologically sound materials – preferably recycled or reclaimed. Nothing is for sale.

How Our Group Works

Diversity of producers is vital and we try to be non-heirarchical; everyone brings ideas that are important and valued. Sometimes it gets a bit crazy and chaotic but it is just so amazing to work on one of the most important projects ever…

We are all connected and working together with love, grief and rage. Just one patch or flag represents how this all comes together: from the funding of the inks, to the sourcing of the fabric, to the admin and organisation of the meet up, to the printing and attending of the actions and protests.


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