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Farnham Community Hub

You are cordially invited to an online meet up to discuss how we want the community from Farnham and surrounds to emerge post Covid. This ongoing online meet up, welcoming everyone, will be a place for groups and individuals to get connected and communicating.  Hopefully by becoming aware of different schemes with common aims we can mobilise ourselves to become a resilient community able to tackle local issues collaboratively.

Register here for the event on 1st December from 7 – 8.30pm. https://bit.ly/3nPVP9i

John Neale, leader of Farnham Town Council will present The Farnham Infrastructure Program (FIP) and tell us the direction Farnham is going in terms of dealing with the Climate and Ecological Emergency and improving life for residents.

Rob Simpson from Homes for Farnham will talk about creating affordable housing for people in Farnham through community land trusts.

We will find out about community planting schemes, about community emergency centres in disused buildings all over the country and how we can make decisions as a community and support the council in their aims.

The following is a list of partners who we hope will make presentations at The Community Hub in the coming months; Transition Town Farnham, Farnham Community Farm, Farnham Repair Cafe, Farnham Biodiversity Partnership, Rewilding Wrecclesham, Extinction Rebellion Farnham, Farnham Cycle Campaign, Farnham Eco Cinema, Space to Grow, Pesticide Free Campaign, Eco-therapy Group and more ……..

I really hope that you will be able to join us on 1st December to be part of shaping the future of our community and ensuring that we make it fit for future generations.

Best wishes,

Community Hub

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