extinction rebellion

We are in a global climate and ecological emergency (CEE), an existential crisis that threatens all life on the only planet that we will ever have.

Bushfires rage, wildlife dies, ice caps collapse, glaciers melt, oceans acidify, heatwaves kill, coastal cities flood, farmland turns to unusable dust, extreme weather events now the norm.

The UN’s IPCC has declared that we may have as little as 10 years before climate breakdown becomes irreversible.

Then the land we farm, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the marine and insect life on which all life depends will be irreversibly damaged. Our only home will become uninhabitable.

…and we may have as a little as a year to put in place
the necessary actions to stem the tide. 

Yet rather than protect the people they were elected to serve, our governments have failed to secure our future.

Politicians of all hues continue to bend to the pressure of elites and corporations, in thrall to the impossible dream of infinite, fossil fuel-driven economic growth, addicted to a consumerist lifestyle that takes no account of the havoc it wreaks.

 Extinction Rebellion will no longer tolerate this and has risen to demand system change. 

As the leaders of the Industrial Revolution and now as one of the richest nations in the world, we feel that the UK should set a world lead in the fight against climate breakdown.

And whilst much of our work in the UK has been on national policy, we also seek global climate justice in acknowledgement of the global nature of climate change.  At a local and regional level, XR also seeks to lead the way to a sustainable future. For XR Farnham, this means ending the search for fracked oil in the Surrey Hills, curbing aviation in the region and delivering clean air to all


To achieve this, we have three demands:

1. TELL THE TRUTH about the existential threat posed by the CEE so that our people will understand and demand the need for deep-seated and urgent change and accept the sacrifices required.

2. ACT NOW to deliver a UK that is carbon neutral by 2025 and so help lead the world to a sustainable and just future.

3. APPOINT CITIZENS ASSEMBLIES to determine and oversee the delivery of policies radical enough to tackle the CEE, break the grip of vested corporate interests and provide our elected politicians with the mandate to deliver wholescale system change.

Our Working Groups

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the following working groups in Farnham

regenerative culture

reduce single-use plastics

raise awareness

art to actions and protests

lobby all levels of local council

against airport expansion

give back to the next generations

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